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P olyclone's commitment to success is a commitment to providing an environment where each individual is respected & supported and is rewarded on the basis of performance and contribution.

Open Environment
Polyclone strives to create an environment where its employees can enjoy coming to work every day. We use a minimum of guidelines and procedures and give our employees a great deal of freedom within company goals to apply their skills, knowledge and initiative in getting things done. We emphasize on working smart, working together and sharing rewards. What drives Polyclone's success is the broad range of perspectives and diverse backgrounds among our employees. Their inspiration and ideas are focused on creating innovative solutions for today's toughest medical challenges. If your passion for impact rivals your dedication to helping others, Polyclone offers a workplace unrivaled in the industry that will help you achieve your career and personal ambitions.

Polyclone Careers
Application Procedure
Please mail your resume to careers@polyclonebio.com in MS Word format with description of experience and your qualification in reverse chronological order. Please mention the post/designation as indicated in the subject line of the mail.

Polyclone Certified Professional (PCP) Programs

One of the critical challenges that fresh graduates face while searching for jobs in the biotechnology industry is lack of knowledge and hands-on-experience on advanced techniques. Thus, we have taken up the initiative to bridge that gap by providing Professional Certified Programs on latest techniques in Computational biology and Stem cell biology. Each program has been structured to impart knowledge on advanced techniques and provide a real-time work environment to put those skills to test.
The intake number of candidates per program is limited and the selection of canddates is based on a rigorous process that would comprise of a written test and a personal interview round. Interested candidates can apply for these programs by sending an email to careers@polyclonebio.com and mention the title of the program being applied for in the subject line of your email. For further information please call us on +91-80-2663 8766/ 8767.

PCP Programs in Computational Biology

Computational techniques have gained profound importance in research areas that revolve around chemistry and biology, and this year’s Nobel Prize awarded for a computational method that was designed to study enzyme catalysis recognizes this fact. Today these techniques are used to identify new chemical entities in drug discovery, diagnosis of microbial infections, study multiple functions of biomolecules, study pharmacogenesis etc. To contribute and excel in computational studies, one should be well versed with techniques such as conformational searches, multi-scale modeling, virtual screening, QSAR, molecular dynamics etc. Like in any other field of research, one should systematically organize & conduct experiments, collect the facts and interpret the results. Protocols of computational experiments in general contain numerous parameters than any other experiments and missing/ ignoring any of the parameters would yield spurious results or experimentally irrelevant output. Therefore, without experience there is no excellence. PCP programs in computational biology are designed to provide that real-time work experience.

PCP Programs in Stem cell Biology

Twice Nobel-prize was awarded for the research carried out in the field of stem cell biology for the works by Martin Evans’s in the early 1980s and B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka's in 2012. This recognition has drastically geared up stem cell research and therapy which prompted many leading hospitals and bio pharma industries to assertively involve in developing novel technologies for R&D and therapeutic intervention for clinical use involving stem cells. The growing number of stem cell research projects and clinical trials directly reveals the opportunities and to become a qualified professional in this burgeoning field one must have the following skills like thorough understanding of types and sources of stem cells, methods of extraction, enrichment, characterization, short and long term cryopreservation of stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approaches, potential clinical use(s) and ethical issues and regulatory guidelines surrounding the stem cell research and therapy. PCP programs in stem cell biology are intended and designed to provide extensive hands-on experience in a real time mode and transform the candidates into certified ready to hire professionals.

Intern My internship at Polyclone Bioservices was my first exposure to the Biotechnology industry. The variety of work brought to the bench from the world over brought me in contact with some of the cutting edge technology that biotech industry is working with. It gave me the unique opportunity to see the application of biotechnology from the dry and wet lab to clinical research phases. The months I spent as a trainee at Polyclone helped me focus my career ambitions and inspired me to pursue a career in bioinformatics and computational biotechnology.Pavitra Anaji - Associate-Software, Strand Life Sciences

InternInternship at Polyclone Bioservices was my first exposure to the field of my interest. Being a Research student, the experience that i gained here was very knowledgeable which I will cherish throughout my life. It was indeed a professional acquaintance with professional people.
Nisha G J - pursuing PhD at IISc.

InternIt was great experience to work with Mr. Pravin Kumar, who made me realise the importance of in silico studies. I learnt a lot during one year of my internship at Polyclone which cannot be expressed in 2-3 lines, and I would like to thank Polyclone Team and special thanks to Mr. Naveen who gave me this wonderful opportunity.
Praveen Kumar Acharya - Production Executive, Biocon

InternI have completed my 6 month internship at Polyclone during the BTFS course at SIT. Exposure to the company taught me new subject outside of my domain, built in me the power to think innovatively and last but not the least provided me self learning & cooperative environment. It was a great experience working with Polyclone Team and I will always cherish those moments. Thanking you all.
Ananya Chatterjee - Central Govt. Employee